Videos online: SDEPS introduced at PublicSpaces Conference #1

On 11 and 12 March 2021, the first PublicSpaces Conference took place, organised by the Dutch PublicSpaces network, online, of course, but mentally in the Netherlands. Video recordings and summaries are now available.

It started with keynotes by Katja Bego, Paul Keller and Eli Pariser. Next was a number of short project presentations, including an update (starting at 01:13) from the Beyond Platforms Initative by Kemal Görgülü.

The final event of the first day was the Panel discussion on the need for Shared Digital European Public Spaces (SDEPS). The idea of a European SDEPS coalition was publicly introduced here for the first time.

“We want to discuss what constitutes a European public digital infrastructure, what values should be built upon, what its governance should look like and how this can promote democracy and dialogue within European society.”

The discussants were:

  • Paul Tang, MEP, initiator of the AdsZuck campaign of the Socialist and Democrats in the European Parliament aimed at ending the abuse of citizens’ personal data by Big Tech companies

Alek aptly summarised the discussion in the challenge: PSMers meet geeks.

The SDEPS panel starts at 33m 56s.

The second conference day on Friday, 12 March, followed through on the themes of liberating the Internet, mostly focussed on the Netherlands and issues of the imminent national elections, and partly in Dutch. Please see the agenda for links to the various sessions and the PublicSpaces Vimeo page for all of the video recordings.


SDEPS bootstrap meeting on 9 April 2021

The nucleus of the European SDEPS coalition was preliminiarily founded at an online summit on 30 October 2020. The idea was first publicly introduced at the 1st PublicSpaces conference on 11 March 2021.

To discuss how we can bootstrap a pan-European network on the digital European public sphere, initiatives and organisations will meet for an online bootstrap meeting on 9 April. We will keep you posted about the outcomes and on how to participate in and support the effort.


SDEPS introduced at PublicSpaces Conference #1

On 11. March 2021, the first PublicSpaces conference takes place online under the motto “Towards a Common Internet”. Make your free reservation here. The conference starts at 17:00 CET (schedule).

At 19:30, the panel on the need for a Shared Digital European Public Spaces (SDEPS) starts. Participants are: