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NGI Forward: A Vision for the Future Internet

NGI Forward's working paper setting out an ambitious vision for the future of the internet.
NGI Forward: A Vision for the Future Internet
Photo by Markus Winkler / Unsplash

NGI Forward published a working paper about the policy vision and roadmap to set for the Next Generation Internet.

The European Commission’s ambitious Next Generation EU recovery plan aims to not just kickstart economic growth and boost employment, but also
use this moment as an opportunity to catalyse the digital and green twin transition.

The internet and its supporting technologies will be instrumental in making these efforts a success, but its full power cannot be harnessed unless we solve the underlying, systemic issues currently holding it back.

That is why, in this working paper, NGI Forward set out an ambitious vision and mission framework to create a more democratic, resilient, sustainable, trustworthy and inclusive internet by 2030.

There is no single silver bullet solution that can help resolve all the challenges presented by connected technologies and the digital economy. Instead, wide variety of interventions are needed to reach the objectives, targeting issues across all layers of the internet’s power stack — from its underlying physical infrastructures to the ways in which information flows through the system and impacts our societies.